Preventative Grub Control

Good pest management is a season long process. If you have a history of these pests invading your lawn, prevention is key. Be sure to talk with one of our licensed technicians about our preventative applications. Or at any time you suspect these pests in your lawn be sure to contact us ASAP, there’s a good chance your lawn will need an insecticide application.

In addition to our 6 Step Lawn Care Program, Lakeland also offers Preventative Grub Control. This application provides for season long control from grubs and other lawn damaging insects. Grubs are c-shaped, white or gray larvae of beetles that feast on the roots of your grasses. If they are not treated properly they have the potential to leave nothing behind but dead turf.This application is a one time per year application. For maximum results, the timing of the applications is determined by the current weather conditions. Generally in our area, you can expect the preventative grub application to be done in June.