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At Lakeland Lawn Care, we have developed an effective grub control and prevention program to make sure that your lawn is protected from these pesky pests all year long. We’ll get rid of grubs that are currently infesting your lawn, and prevent them from coming back next season. Contact us today at (920) 330-9010 to learn more. 

Grubs are some of the most common and destructive pests that can affect your lawn and landscaping. They feed on the roots of grass and plants, killing them off and leaving behind unsightly spots on your lawn. If you notice brown spots and mounds of soil around your yard, there’s a very high chance that you have a grub infestation on your lawn.

Signs of Grub Damage on Your Lawn

The early stages of grub damage are very hard to detect because the symptoms aren’t immediately apparent. Grubs burrow under the soil, feeding on grass and plant roots all year long. Knowing the signs and symptoms of grub damage will help you get rid of them before they cause extensive damage to your lawn.

Some of the telltale signs of grub infestation include:

Presence of Beetles in Your Lawn

If you notice swarms of adult Japanese beetles in your yard, this is probably an indicator that grubs are present. Japanese Beetles lay their eggs in the ground, where they eventually hatch into larvae known as grubs. Adult beetles eat the leaves of your plants, but their larvae feed on plant roots underground. The presence of adult beetles indicates that there are likely grubs in your soil that are feeding on grass’ roots and threatening to damage or kill your lawn.

Brown Patches on Your Lawn

These patches will appear more as the grubs feed and grow in size. As they get closer to maturity, you might also see small mounds of soil appear along with those brown spots. This occurs as a result of adult beetles digging up the soil in order to lay eggs. These brown patches will continue to grow and spread until you get rid of the grubs.

Loose and Bouncy Turf

If you walk on your lawn and notice that it feels overly loose or spongy, chances are there is either a large number of grubs or an abnormal amount of thatch present. Grubs feed on the roots of your grass, so if you have grubs, the grass will seem more limp than usual. If you find that your lawn has a thick layer of thatch, this also means that there are likely too many grubs living under it.

Presence of Other Animals in Your Yard

Many other types of animals, such as moles, birds, and skunks feed on grubs. This is because grubs are an excellent source of protein for these animals. If you notice any kind of wildlife in your yard on a regular basis, there’s a high chance that grubs are present and being feasted upon on your lawn.

At Lakeland Lawn Care, our grub control and prevention services include multi-faceted treatment plans that involve eco-friendly solutions and safe methods for warding off grubs. We’ll treat your lawn carefully and methodically to get rid of grubs in your lawn and stop them from coming back.

Don’t Let Grubs Wreak Havoc on Your Lawn

Lakeland Lawn Care is the number one choice of residential and commercial property owners when it comes to quality and affordable grub control and prevention services in De Pere, WI. We are a family-owned and community-oriented business, providing top-notch services at affordable prices. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, so you can trust that our experience, training, and expertise have enabled us to provide quality workmanship, excellent customer service and exceptional results.

To learn more about our grub control and prevention services, give us a call at (920) 330-9010 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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