Quick Tips for Spring

Seeing that spring is here, even though it still doesn’t feel like it, it is time to get some spring cleaning issues out of the way. Here are a few things to be sure and get done this spring!

1. Sharpen mower blades. Dull blades can tear the grass blades and leave it a brown, burnt color.

2. Lower your mower to shorten your grass (2”). Shorter grass will allow the ground to warm faster and get growing sooner. This will also get the lawn to fill in quicker before the heat of summer. Just be careful not to scalp the lawn! Do this only for the first few mowings or for your spring clean up. Then be sure to raise your mower back to the recommended height depending on the time of year.

3. Remove any debris from lawn and planting areas. Leaves and longer turf get matted down and can harbor some fungus and disease.

4. Spring is a great time to re-mulch your planting beds. An application of a pre-emergent herbicide at the same time or shortly after can keep many problem weeds out of your plantings. This is also a service we can provide!

5. Pruning should be done to any shrubs that do not flower in early spring before they leaf out. Cut back any foliage left from the perennials.

6. Start planning your summer projects. The earlier you start the planning process, the sooner you can finish and enjoy.

Now by following these 6 simple steps you should be on your way to greener summer!

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