What is quick grass and can it be controlled?

Quack grass is an aggressive perennial that is classified as an undesirable grass and commonly mistaken for a weed. It can invade lawns from surrounding ditches and farm fields. Quack grass can also be introduced into the landscape via contaminated sod or with the soil of other landscape plants that are planted into or near a lawn.

Quack grass is not controlled with weed control, so your regularly scheduled weed control & fertilizer applications are not going to rid your lawn of this undesirable grass. A few ways to control quack grass is to either pull or dig out the areas of your lawn that are affected. Round up can be used to kill of areas of larger concentrations of quack, so reseeding can be done. The best practice in controlling quack grass is to keep your lawn nice and thick. A thick lawn leaves little room for unwanted weeds and undesirable grasses to take over. To maintain a thick, lush lawn regularly scheduled lawn applications are recommended along with proper routine maintenance.

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