Fall Clean Up Tips

Just as a reminder, here are a few quick Fall Clean Up Tips.

Earlier in the year we explained how the right cutting height of your lawn is very important. Did you know THE HEIGHT CHANGES?

Late in the cutting season you should start to adjust your mower down a notch and by your last cutting , the lawn should be as short as you can cut it without scalping it. This is very important for the survivability of your lawn during the winter months.

The shorter the better because:

A. Field mice and voles are not attracted to short grass.

B. Your lawn will have a better chance to avoid winter damage such as snow mold and or winter kill.

C. It will be easier to thatch or rake in spring.

D. Your lawn will green up better in the spring.

E. Shorter leaf blades of grass make it easier for the roots to survive during the stress of winter.

Also, it is very important to clean up all leaves, sticks, and debris from your lawn before the snow covers it, to prevent possible damage.

Cut Short and Clean Up!!

PS. Be sure to let the kiddos play in the big pile of leaves before you haul them away:)

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