What Are Grubs…And How Can I Prevent Them From Destroying My Lawn?

Chances are good, that you have either experienced first hand or know someone that has had their lawn destroyed by grubs. We are pleased to inform you that there is prevention for this problem. We like to call our preventative grub control application “insurance for your lawn”.

White grubs eat the roots of grasses and other plants. Where grubs are few, turf may look healthy because grass plants may develop new roots as fast as grubs eat the old ones. Depending on the grub species, grub populations averaging five or more per square foot can damage the root system and cause unhealthy, turf above ground. Damaged turf will readily “roll-up” like a rug.

Turf grass roots normally grow rapidly in the spring and fall, and slowly during summer. Therefore, problems with grubs are greatest in summer because roots don’t recover normally. Inadequate soil moisture may increase the problem since the few healthy roots have no moisture to take up. For this season, grub damage typically shows up during the normally drier months of August and early September, although grubs may have been feeding earlier in the summer depending on the grub species.

There are two approaches to controlling grubs: preventative (before the damage occurs) and curative (when lawns show damage). Sometimes both approaches are needed to adequately control grubs. Preventative treatments must be in place when eggs are laid. This will provide up to 95% control of white grubs. Curative treatments provide effective control of young white grubs; larger grubs are more difficult to control. Curative insecticides offer 50-75% control.

If you are interested in more information on grubs and our services to control these pests, please contact the office. A quote for the preventative application can be given over the phone. If you are interested in scheduling this service, be sure to contact the office before the end of June. The technicians will be applying the preventative application during the end of June thru mid-July.

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